DevCongress is a movement; at the same time a form of energy; and most importantly a family. DevCongress was formed to provide a shed for all kinds of programmers in Ghana. From veterans to new to prospective programmers, we want to be their home away from their work, and the best group of people they can be a part of. It's a tough order, but with the dedication of our community, we can achieve this.
To build confidence among software developers.
Expose developers to a rich array of resources.
Contribute to open source projects that have great social and economic impact.
Harness the combined talent and resources of the local tech community to create solutions to national problems.
DevCongress eXchange New
What tricks do the expert developers know that we"re not aware of? eXchange is a Google+ Hangout series where we meet and talk to seasoned developers about their tools, workflow and their lives. Find out more...
Developers" Conference
DevCongress is a developer conference held twice each year. At this event, developers get to share their knowledge through talks. No level of expertise is required, just a passion to share.
DevCongress hackathon is an event we run in collaboration with an organization. At these hackathons, we open up various APIs and open-source code for developers to build products within a 12-hour period.
We believe in training teens to learn programming to gain problem-solving skills while building products they can make money from. CodeCamp is the event for just that.

We have received immense support from the following organisations on our previous events. We are grateful.

Yaw Boakye

I wish I was a Rails developer, or I understood what full stack meant.

Elorm Adjaho (@elormadjaho)

Bachelors in Fine Arts, Event Organiser, Writer, Visionary

Claude Ayitey (@MrAyitey)

UX Designer, Bachelors in Computer Science, Blogger, Social Media Maven

Kirk Saviour Agbenyegah (@savekirk)

Responsible adult learner | Hacking the green robot